Hi girls!

Now a new semester with courses in oriental dance awaits at Dansöz. Since several of you wanted to dance on several days, there will be two course days a week this semester. This means a total of six different courses in oriental dance. I’ve tried mixing different styles and levels so that all members can get the most out of the schedule as possible.

One course I highly recommend is “Beginner Plus”. This course is aimed at those who have already taken a beginner’s course or even several semesters. Think of the course as a workshop to intensively train the next levels of the basic steps. For example, the basic step “twist” we will train in several different ways than the basic design. It can be in motion, with different accents and shimmies.

For those of you who perform or just want to advance with impressive technology, I recommend “Wow-factor”. Here I was going to practice show technique that you usually don’t have time to teach in a 10-week course that includes a choreography. It can be spins, hair throws or backbends, etc.

No matter what you are looking for, I hope you have not missed our quantity discount because it is actually if I may say so myself, absolutely fantastic. I wish something like this existed when I went and took courses in oriental dance. For those of you who missed it, the discount comes here:

1 course in oriental dance 750:-

2 courses in oriental dance 1000 SEK

3 courses in oriental dance 1400 SEK

4 courses in oriental dance 1800:-

5 courses in oriental dance 2000:-

We have extended each lesson by 10 minutes and put in a break between each lesson so the groups do not interfere with each other. Another news for next semester is that we have a new floor in the dance hall!

Really looking forward to meeting you all and starting these courses. If you can’t stay until February, you can sign up for my workshop in oriental dance with veil on January 28th.

Here is a link to all our courses in oriental dance.