Hello sweets!

Just uploaded a new clip with belly dance on YouTube. I thought it was about time. I have 50 videos on my computer to upload. Better late than never, right?

This clip is from a Turkish festival in Folkets Park in Malmö. The event was arranged by a Turkish organization and music & song by Timur Sakka. The performance is completely improvised. It was very relaxed  since Timur and I worked together at restaurants and other events with belly dance for 15 years. You can almost see how we both are chilling on stage, him with his keyboard and me with my dance steps. It’s always nice when musicians and dancers can be on stage relaxed together.

By the way, it was quite chilly outside, so I have double skirts and a top with sleeves with my belly dance costume. The belly dance costume is, by the way, from a Turkish designer and is a mix of several belly dance costumes that I had at home. The idea was that the dance costume would match the colors of the Turkish flag with some black.

Here comes the video clip with belly dance – enjoy!