Oriental dancer

As an oriental dancer, it is important to update with new videos and new pictures. Since we had such nice weather in Malmö, I took the opportunity to take some new pictures. We also had a film team on site. It will be exciting to see the new material.

I danced in a belly dance costume with a silver colored belt and bra that I bought from a belly dance designer. The dance skirt in turquoise fabric is from the webshop and you will find it here. In the web shop there are lots for you who are an oriental dancer. The skirt is available in several different colors and costs SEK 349. There is a slit that you can choose where you want. I always have my slit on my left leg. Then this is my “dance leg”. Whose hip I use the most.

I also wore a face veil which is very popular right now. When I performed as an oriental dancer in the Middle East a few years ago, these face veils were standard. Now they are also starting to come to Sweden. This is the case with oriental dance fashion, just like with regular fashion. Everything goes in trends.


We were at two different locations. These had been selected by the filmers and the photographer. These were places they thought were appropriate for an oriental dancer. The places were really beautiful. But not optimal for dance. This was because one was on a hill, which made it difficult to spin. So this week I have been to my beloved Pildammsparken and found beautiful locations for the next shoot.

The idea was also that I was going to be photographed in the sea. I saw a beautiful picture of an oriental dancer with a chandelier on her head standing in the sea several years ago. I have wanted to recreate this image ever since. But the wind blew out the candles. So we had to give up. Hope we can do it next time.