Do you snuggle up on the couch instead of coming and dancing?

It’s that time of year now when most dance schools are in the middle or at the end of their semesters. We have picked out our warmer clothes from the closet and the evenings are darker.

Isn’t it nice to just curl up under a blanket on the couch and snuggle up? If you agree, you’re not alone in feeling that way!

In fact, in my nearly 20 years as a dance teacher, I’ve heard so many colleagues lament that dance classes are getting smaller at this time of year, and my classes are no exception. But here are 10 reasons that might get you on second thoughts!


1. If you’re signed up for a course and missed an opportunity, you might think: “oh they’ve done so much now, I won’t keep up, just as well not to go there any more”.

The truth is that most teachers do their best to rehearse so everyone can keep up even if you missed a dance lesson. So the best thing you can do is really go straight back to the course so you don’t miss even more lessons. If you dance with me, you will also get the semester’s choreography written down and recorded on video on Facebook, so you can easily catch up at home.


2. “I find it embarrassing to suddenly show up when I’ve been away a lot!”

Those of us who teach know that most students are away at some point during the semester. There is nothing strange about it. You may feel that everyone else is always in dance lessons but that’s usually not the case. Most people remember how many times you’ve been away any more than you remember how many times they’ve been gone.


3. “But now I will make mistakes and everyone will see that I can’t.”

This was something I used to think myself when I started taking dance classes. The funny thing is that most people are so into their own dance and focused on keeping up, that they don’t notice if you do a hip circle instead of an omi in verse two. Our toughest critics are usually ourselves. Be happy for everything you can and everything you will learn. Be kind to yourself, even in your thoughts.


4. Remember why you enrolled in the course.

What was your reason for signing up for a dance class? Did you want to exercise, become more agile, learn something new? If you still want to achieve it, then it doesn’t help to stop trying. The only thing that helps is shimma off to the dance class next week.


5. Treat yourself to the time to just do something for yourself.

All day we carry tasks at work, chores at home, heavy news about what is happening in the world. Give yourself a chance to exhale. I usually tell my students to leave all the musts/think again/to make lists etc outside the door. In the dance hall we find a moment of happiness for ourselves. Movement releases endorphins and good company makes us all feel good.


6. With small good habits you can go a long way.

Sometimes the hardest part can be just gathering your things and getting out the door. A tip is to have a bag ready with your workout clothes, your hip shawl, dance shoes (if you have those otherwise you will find them in my store online *wink wink*) etc. Place this bag at the door or bring it to work if you are going to dance training immediately after.


7. Dance with a friend! Shared joy is double joy.

In addition, it can be easier and more fun to complete a course if you do it together with someone else. More often than not, we humans are better at keeping promises to others than to ourselves. With me, your girlfriend can always try a class for free (if they fill out the form on the website). Together you can support each other and keep motivation at its peak. Another tip is to see if someone you meet in the dance course goes home in the same direction as you. Maybe you can decide that you will walk together / take the same bus to and from the dance school. Then it will be like you decided you are going to meet someone and a little harder to laze around on the couch instead.


8. Set new dance goals! Goals motivate us to develop.

Most dance schools have a graduation show where students usually get to perform. After all, a good goal may be to participate in such a behavior. If your dance school does not arrange such a show, you can search for the word “hafla” on google (hafla is the Arabic word for party and in the belly dance world we call a gathering of oriental dancers performing for each other just “hafla”). Most are free or cost only a symbolic sum to visit or participate in. Our Hafla will be in January and the tickets will be released soon on the website. All girls are welcome to participate.


9. Embrace your femininity!

In a gray Scandinavia, we pass hundreds of women with black jackets, long pants, knitted polo shirts and set hair (I know exactly what they look like because I’m one of them). Sometimes it can be like balm for the soul to just be extra feminine. Put on a stylish skirt, paint your lips in a beautiful color, let out your hair and tie a delicious shawl around your hips. Dare to be colorful and feminine, in all the ways you think suits you. Enjoy that feeling before it’s time to put on the polo shirt and head out into the gray everyday life again.


10. Imagine snuggling on the couch after running a great dance session!

How nice is it to feel satisfied with your performance? The feeling that today I did something really good! The body feels so good about moving. In addition to those endorphins we mentioned earlier, and getting out, changing the environment, thinking about something positive, evolving. Yes besides all that, you’ve been training too. Then you can treat yourself to some extra popcorn, when you snuggle down on the sofa in front of the TV.


See you in the dance hall next week ;-)