Excessive sweating

Excessive sweating is something that I struggled with, especially with a profession as a dancer is that I sweat a lot. There’s nothing harder than when you’ve styled your hair for hours and have toss it on stage when it sticks like sweet on sugar on your back. “But it’s fine,” everyone said, “it means you burn and your body starts up easily”.

But I also felt that I could start sweating completely without activity. Just so out of nowhere. Sitting… This went on for several years and I visited doctors in Dubai and tried to exclude certain substances from my diet and add different supplements. All to no avail.


What is Hyperdidrosis?

The thing is that sweating in too large an amount is actually a condition called Hyperhidrosis. You can read more about it here on the care guide’s website. Most people have excessive sweating on their hands and feet but also other body parts. I myself sweat mostly on my back but also my neck and head.


Seek medical help for sweating

So I visited my health center at Lugnet in Malmö and was advised to treat the area with Botox. My doctor at the health center recommended Dr Natalia at guchiakliniken in Malmö (which I also go to for beauty treatments) so I immediately felt in safe hands. Dr. Natalia wrote out a prescription for Botox that I picked up at the Pharmacy. Since I wanted to treat the back, neck and part of the head, I picked up a fairly large amount of Botox. Fortunately, it goes on the high-cost protection because it is a prescription (with the high-cost protection you pay a maximum of SEK 2300 for medicine in a twelve-month period).


Treat excessive sweating with Botox

A couple of days later I was back with Natalia who treated the areas with small injections every few centimeters (see picture). Sure, it felt a little bit. But it quickly passed. The picture below was taken just after the areas were treated and when I looked at my back after an hour, it looked like normal again.


Stopping sweating excessively is wonderful

It would take a few days before the effect of the treatment would be 100% noticeable said Dr Natalia. So I waited tensely. Almost didn’t think that was true when I’d been teaching for several hours and my hair wasn’t glued to my back. I felt such incredible relief. The result was certainly beyond expectations. I’m still sweating. No excessive sweating, but in “normal” quantity when exerted. This was without a doubt one of the best things I’ve done and in 6 months I will be doing it again. Thanks to the high-cost protection, it is also the case that I will be able to pick up Botox at Apoteket free of charge next time.

If you suffer from sweating then I really recommend you to try this! You can read more about hyderhidrosis and book an appointment with Dr Natalia at the Guchia Clinic here. Sweating too much can affect your everyday life and not least your self-confidence. I wish I had done this sooner.