Hip shawls for oriental dance training. It is said that the hip shawl is decorated with coins because dancers long ago sewed on real gold coins they received as proof that they were sought after and talented. It is also alleged that this was a way for the woman to show that she was ready for marriage and that the coins on the hip shawl were part of her dowry. However, no one knows if this is entirely true.

Regardless, a hip shawl is a decorative and necessary garment for those who practice oriental dance. The shawl should be tied around the hips with a knot usually on the side or middle front. It shows your hip movements clearly by marking your movements. A hip shawl can be of different materials and with or without decorations such as coins, sequins, beads, crystals and embroidery.

As beginners, most dancers acquire a shawl with coins. With these shawls, the dancer can hear as she shivers and makes sharp hip movements. At the continuation level, a shawl without coins may be necessary to be able to hear the instruments in the music more clearly. If you are going to practice oriental dance forms that are performed sitting or lying down, a shawl without loose or protruding decorations may be preferable as these can be damaged or hurt if you sit / lie on them.

Feel free to store your hip shawl with coins or other decorations in a bag in your bag to and from training so it does not get tangled and decorations break off. Also remember not to wash a decorated hip shawl in a washing machine as some decorations may lose their color or break. If you can, avoid hand washing as well. Instead, spray with alcohol and hang the shawl on airing. This removes bacteria without damaging the decorations.