Anna Månsson








I am super satisfied with all the courses and workshops I have attended with Selina. Course days are the days you look forward to most in the week. Selina brings so much energy, joy and love to every lesson.
The courses and workshops not only teach you how to dance, but also the history of dance styles, different techniques and how to dance to different instruments. That’s what I call professional.





Asta Karjalainen




Professional belly dancer




I have long followed Selina on her blog and other media to find new inspiration and guidance in belly dancing. So when Selina came to Stockholm in 2014, I was overjoyed and of course attended all her workshops. As a teacher and dancer, she is incredibly innovative, creative and personal. I developed my dancing considerably just during these classes and gained insight into completely new ways of using both props and dance steps. Looking forward to taking more classes for Selina in the future!





Bekime Mehmedi”








Attending a course with Selina is one of the best things I’ve done. She conveys all the movements of belly dance with such joy, warmth and humour that is rare to find. She is also keen to ensure that your technique is correct and is happy to share her vast knowledge of the origins, history and contemporary styles of dance. It feels safe and fun to participate in her classes. I always feel so happy and energized after a lesson with Selina.









Dancers in Turkish Delight & Black diamond




Selina is one of the best dance teachers I have danced for. She is always upbeat and cheerful and knows exactly how to push me to do my very best in every dance lesson. I have taken several private lessons and semester courses with her and always left with a smile on my face. Can especially recommend the Khaleegy dance classes, they are awesome!









Teacher of oriental dance




Always inspired by Selina’s dancing. She makes me want to evolve. You can fill a book with knowledge about oriental dance based on what she says in class. I have been doing that for several years. It is clear that Selina’s goal is to help her students develop into the belly dancers they want to be. Humour, knowledge and humility make me stay at Dansöz.





Magdansös Stella




Professional belly dancer in Los Angeles




Since I was little I have always loved belly dancing. I moved from Eskilstuna to Malmö in 2008 only because I found Dansöz – the best belly dancing school and Selina Sevil – an incredibly talented and professional belly dancer. The dance trip with Selina and her students to Turkey was a dream come true for me, a week full of new experiences and lots of belly dancing. As a teacher, I think Selina is careful about how she teaches belly dancing and makes it feel comfortable to dance in a group. I am so grateful for the 3 years with Selina with lots of laughter, love and dancing. Everything I have learned and all the nice people I have met from dancing. Best years of my life !





Helena Fehrman








I love going to Selina’s classes! For the past year I’ve been going several times a week because I find it so much fun. I have learned so much! Selina is not only a great teacher, she also has a deep knowledge of oriental dance and music. I have learned more about technique and also how the music works which helps me to dance on my own. Selina creates creative, inspiring and playful choreographies. She also manages to create a good atmosphere in the group, with many good laughs and a community that makes us dare a little more. Overall, she gives that little extra that makes me look forward to the next time I get to come to class and dance.













When Selina creates a choreography for me, she listens to my wishes and adds different elements to challenge me, which I really like! She’s also good at hearing the little accents in music that many people miss.




I find her belly dancing courses very inspiring, not only from a technical point of view, but also from a cultural perspective. She tells interesting stories to put the dance in context.




I look forward to each of her classes and I know I will continue to progress quickly with her.





Lone Buus, for AAOD




Student – Aarhus Oriental Dance Association




The Board of AAOD, is very happy that Selina came to Aarhus, Denmark for a weekend to teach. All participants were very satisfied with the workshop. Selina is a wonderful dancer and performer, and she is very professional as a dance instructor. In addition, Selina has a really lovely and winning personality. All this made the workshop in Aarhus a unique experience and we all look forward to welcoming Selina to the AAOD again.





Asia Maciejewska




Student – Professional belly dancer & dance teacher




I have met a lot of oriental dancers. But Selina Sevil belongs to a small group of oriental dancers with whom I have chosen to expand my dance knowledge. With Selina I practiced balance and calming my dynamic dance. Selina as one of the few dancers, who has the elegance, the feminine charm and high technique. Looking forward to continue taking dance lessons from Selina.