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Norra Skolgatan 10B Malmö

Telefon 0704-531090


Basic moves


Level 1 – No previous knowledge required.
But also recommended for dancers on other levels. For you who are a complete beginner or at another level who want to train on the basic steps. Our basic steps are many and something you can constantly improve.

We go through the movements thoroughly. Each semester, we drill the most common basic steps and basic steps that we did not have the semester before. We also train combinations so that the participants can link the movements with nice transitions.

Mondays 18.15-19.15
Starts 5 September 2022 and lasts for 10 weeks
Price 950: –


  • Instructor Selina
  • Dance studio without transparency
  • Belly dance classes for girls
  • Becoming a member is mandatory
  • Buy this year’s membership (SEK 50)
  • Address: Norra Skolgatan 10B, floor 3


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