Short summer classes

Belly dance workshops
Dansöz has affordable workshops in belly dancing. We have a qualified instructor who trains dancers internationally. Our courses are for beginners as well as intermediate level dancers. We have lessons in different dance styles. You can learn technique or choreographed dances. At the end of each semester we arrange a student show. Where all students can invite friends and family.
Join Dansöz
To attend workshops with us, you must be a member of the Dansöz Association. You buy the membership separately at the same time as your belly dance class. Membership lasts for one year and costs SEK 50.
Only girls at our bellydance workshops
At our belly dance classes we are just girls. We have a private dance studio and our own dressing room. We have many girls with hijab dancing with us. Therefore, we do not allow men on the premises. Sometimes we also arrange shows just for girls. We want all our students to have the opportunity to perform.
Dress code at our belly dance workshops
At our bellydance workshops there is optional clothing. Most have simple dance clothes in the form of leggings, top and hip scarf. We dance barefoot. You can buy dance clothes for training here on the website and get them at the workshop you booked.

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