Silk veils

silk veils

Habotai silk scarves for dance

No other fabric moves like the habotai silk. Selina’s Bazaar offers you beautiful silk veils. All veils are colored by hand and specially treated for incredible softness. Each veil has a luxurious sheen and a lightness that makes it extremely elegant, as the body and veil move in harmony with the music. The silk comes from Asia. The veil is colored by hand. Therefore, especially multi-colored veils always differ slightly from each other.

Advantage of silk veils

If you intend to use a veil an entire song, then this is the veil for you. The light weight of the silk allows you to perform the most advanced movements with the veil. Choose a veil in the same color as your dance costume or a color that creates a delicious contrast.

Care advice for veils in silk

A habotai veil can be wrinkly. It often straightens itself if you hang it. They should preferably be washed by hand and without fabric softener.



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