Cover ups

Cover ups
Cover ups is a name for the garment you wear over your belly dance costume. You wear them when you are not performing. A Cover up can consist of various garments such as robes, tunics and abayas. The name comes from English “to cover”.
Abaya is the Arabic word for dress. It often describes a traditional looser dresses from the Middle East. They can be with or without buttons. And with or without ties at the waist. Oriental dancers also use them for Oriental folk dances.
Which abaya fits as a coverup?
Belly dancers also have abayas as a cover up of their dance costume. To easily be able to hide in waiting to go on stage. For this purpose, an abaya with buttons on the front is preferred.
A good cover up
Most professional belly dancers choose a black cover up. This is so they do not stand out in a crowd. Many times the dance show is a surprise for the bride or groom. Therefore, the black color fits well. The belly dancer can arrive and pass through the room without being recognized as an artist.
Even on a hafla, dance teachers often recommend to their students to use a cover up. Performing becomes more exciting if the audience has not seen the dancer’s stage clothes before the show. In this case, you can also use a colorful tunic or shawl.

In the shop we have different coverups in mixed colors from different countries. Traditional and modern dresses. In thick and thick fabrics with or without embroidery. Some of these can also be used for folk dance. Tex Moroccan dance, saiidi and khaliji.


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