Class wear

Class wear for oriental dance
We sell different workout clothes for oriental dance. Like pants, hip shawls, tops and workout shoes. It is important to feel comfortable at your dance course. Our garments are soft to the skin and accentuate dance movements.
What class wear does a beginner need?
The most important thing is to have a scarf around your hips. You can choose any model you want. But most people start with a scarf with coins, ie a coin scarf. The shawl marks your hip movements and the coins sound so you hear your dance tempo. If you have sensitive feet or will be dancing on cold floors, a pair of soft dance shoes is a good idea.
Set of workout clothes
We have entire sets of workout clothes for you who are dancing belly dance. Each garment is specially designed for dance training and fits nicely with each other. You don’t have to stand in front of the wardrobe to match an outfit when you go to your dance class. In our sets you will receive trousers, top or belly nets and bra and a hip scarf. Also buy a pair of soft dance shoes and you’ll have everything you need.
Do you have to show your belly?
No you don’t have to show your belly when dancing belly dance. In fact, you can go a whole course without rolling your belly once. But we have a lot of technique with the belly. And it is important that your teacher can see your movements if you take a course that incorporates such technique. Belly nets are a good alternative. They can be worn together with a short top. Otherwise, a tight top will work which covers the stomach and is tight enough so you can see the belly movements.
Training clothes for other dances
Many of our dance clothes work well for other dances than oriental. If you dance samba, salsa, tango or flamenco many of our dance clothes work for you too. Please also look at our skirts and dance shoes with heels.



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