Chiffon veils

Veils for dancing
Classic veils in chiffon for oriental dance. A veil is a wonderful dance prop that adds mystery to your performance! Dancing with a veil, is also known as veil dancing and dance with a shawl.
History of the veil
It was introduced in Arabic Oriental Dance to frame the dancer during her entrance. The shawl made it possible for the audience to see the dancer’s entrances from far. The famous Egyptian dancer Samia Gamal was one of the first known to use the shawl initially in her performances. Classical oriental dance routines often include a short dance with a veil in the beginning of the performance.
Modern veil dancing
Over time, the dance with veil developed and today it is not uncommon to see belly dancers who dance whole songs with a veil. There are even those dancing with multiple shawls at the same time.
Materials for veils
Different materials and shapes allowed new techniques for the dancers. Veils for oriental dance comes in several shapes. Usually rectangular or half circle / semi circle with square or rounded corners. They are made of different materials like chiffon, organza, silk, satin, etc. They can also be decorated with sequins, crystals and embroidery.
Choose the right veil
In choosing a veil, in addition to color and design, you should count in several factors. Think about what technique to use when dancing with the shawl. A lighter fabric stays in the air longer. The size and shape should also be considered as some techniques requires a certain design. Last but not least, the decorations should not only match your costume but also be chosen with care so they do not get stuck together with your costume during the dance.



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