Belly nets

Belly nets
Belly nets also called belly stockings, are garments that cover the stomach and arms in different ways. Most often a net is made of a very stretchy sheer fabric. Like a body stocking, it hugs the body like a second skin.
Often it is sewn like a body with buttons in the crotch. This facilitates toilet visits between performances. Nets for oriental dance clothes usually stop under the bust. Because they are to be worn with a belly dance bra. Some choose to sew them into the suit to avoid the bra straps.
Choose the right color
Belly nets come in all colors. The most common are black and skin tones. A belly stocking that matches your skin color is a good investment because you can wear it with all your belly dance costumes. Since most people choose black dance clothes for classes, a black net is good for training. If you want a more luxurious belly stocking, you can have a net with glitter.
Match your belly dance costume
If you choose a color that matches your belly dance costume. For example, a purple net for a purple two-piece belly dance costume, you can create a new look where your belly dance costume looks more like a dress. Suitable if  you want a dance outfit that suits baladi or shabi.
Advantages of a belly stockings
Our nelly nets can be worn under your dance suit. They look great under a two-piece belly dance costume where you may want to show less skin or just add some color! They hide stretch marks and other things you might want to hide. In addition, they keep you warm outdoors or on a cold stage. The belly nets holds the stomach slightly. If you want more effect, you choose a smaller size.



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