Belly dance skirts

Skirts for dancers
Dance skirts for belly dance costumes and dance training. Changing the skirt for a belly dance costume can give the dance costume a whole new look. Our skirts are in classic models in satin and chiffon. You can your skirt to your dance clothes. The skirts can be without slits, have one slit or two slits. You can easily regulate a slit with a safety pin.
Size of our dance skirts
The size is one size with an elastic band at the top so they can fit several hip sizes. If a skirt is too long you can easily shorten it without sewing. Just roll the elastic and wear a belly dance belt over. The skirts can be machine washed.

A dance skirt should sit on the hip and stretch so it almost touches the floor. If you have heels on, the skirt may be a little shorter (so it doesn’t get stuck with the heels when you dance).


Danceskirts are an important garment for many dancers, whether they are dancing ballet, jazz, salsa, belly dance, or any other form of dance. The skirt can enhance the movements and make the dance more expressive, while also being a part of the visual presentation.

Types of danceskirts
There are many different types of skirts that are used in dance, some of which are more suitable for certain styles than others. Ballet skirts, for example, are often long and fluffy, while jazz skirts are often shorter and have more freedom of movement. Salsa skirts are often more sexy and ruffled, while skirts for other Latin dances such as cha cha and tango can be more elegant and formal. In belly dance, skirts are often full and flowing, with intricate detailing and beadwork.

Materials for danceskirts
There are also different materials used for danceskirts, each with their own properties and uses. Keep in mind to choose a material that breathes and doesn’t get too slippery, as you will be sweating during the dance. It may also be a good idea to choose a material that doesn’t rustle too much against the legs, as this can disrupt the movements and make you look awkward. In belly dance, it is common to use lightweight, flowing materials such as chiffon, silk, or georgette.

Choosing the right danceskirt
No matter what style you dance and what skirt you choose, it is important that it fits comfortably and that you can move freely in it. The skirt should not hinder you from performing the movements you need to express yourself on the dance floor. So make sure to try on the skirt properly and feel comfortable and confident when dancing in it.



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