Belly dance shows

Oriental dance Shows
Book a belly dance for your event. Treat your guests to something special. Belly dance has for thousands of years highlighted events around the world. A performance is elegant and family friendly. Belly dance shows are traditional entertainment at weddings. Menden is excellent entertainment for many events.
Plan your belly dance show
Music choices, dance routine and attire can be varied to suit your dance show. Please give Selina a lot of information about your event. This allows her to tailor the show to you. Maybe your guests are from Lebanon and want Lebanese music. Maybe your guests are from Sweden but you know you want quiet or fast-paced music. Let selina know.
Book the right belly dancer
Selina has performed at everything from palaces in Dubai, to smaller birthday parties in Malmö. Therefore, she has experience in tailoring belly dance shows for various events. You can read more about what others thought about Selina’s belly dance shows under testimonials.
Belly dance at your restaurant
Are you looking for entertainment in the form of belly dance for your restaurant, hookah cafe or club parties?

To book a belly dance on multiple dates (for example, a restaurant with belly dance show every Saturday) Selina will provide a discount. The discount depends on the number of dates and set up. Note that this only applies when all of the dates are given in advance and a written contract is signed.

Please inform Selina if you enjoy music and dance style from a particular country (as Turkish music at a Turkish restaurant and Iraqi music at an Iraqi organizations celebration). Contact Selina at 0704-531090 for questions. Reservations are made at a meeting, preferably at your event space. Then a contract is written.



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