Belly dance costumes

Oriental dance costumes
Belly dance costumes is the name for the dance clothes you wear when  you perform belly dance. There are different costumes for different oriental dance styles. Most commonly, the two-piece cabaret suit is associated with the word belly dance costume. These usually consist of a bra, a belt and a skirt. Can also be a bra and a skirt with decorations around the hips.
Dance Dresses
All belly dance costumes are not two-piece. Whole dresses with different decorations are also used when performing oriental dance. Dance dresses are often called Galabeya or Abaya. Abaya is the Arabic word for dress. Bra is called bedlah. A Galabeya is usually a dress with or without a bra.
Costumes from different countries
Dance costumes from different countries usually vary in design. Egypt, Turkey and Lebanon were the countries from which dancers used to order. Nowadays, there are designers all over the world. Each designer has their own style. Some dance costumes are stylish and minimally decorated. And others have several layers of fabrics and decorations.
To think about when buying a dance costume
Think about whether the dance costume matches the style of dance you will be performing with. Does it bring out your personality? Is it comfortable to dance in? If you are going to dance with props it may be good to choose a costume without decorations. Decorations can get tangled in your dance gear. Eg a belt with sharp metal details that hold the crystals and a veil or fanveils.
Our range of costumes
We sell dance costumes for student shows at budget prices and design costumes for professional performances. The idea is that all belly dancers should be able to find the right belly dance costume in our range. Read more about our belly dance costumes in our blog.



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