Learn to dance belly dance


Private bellydance classes are suitable for those who want to dance at any time or are working towards a personal goal.

The lessons are suitable for oriental dancers of all levels. From beginner to advanced level. Selina will tailor your private lesson to your wishes. It can be basic technique or a choreography that you intend to compete with.

Click on the images to read more about each package. You can pay with Swish, Bank Transfer or cash. When you are done with the purchase, contact Selina via email and plan for the lesson.

Private Belly Dancing Oriental Dance

Benefits of Private Lessons

Selina offers private lessons to dancers of all levels. To beginners, continuers, competitive dancers and professionals. Together you make a plan that suits you. Note that all private lessons are now held at Norra Skolgatan 10B.

1. Learn faster

Most people learn more in private lessons than regular group lessons. That’s why they’re great for those who want to develop in a short time.

You’ll have plenty of time to ask questions. You and Selina can go into your dance in detail as she focuses on you throughout the lesson.

You get plenty of feedback to develop.

2. Determine your times

Private belly dancing lessons are perfect for those who want more flexible times.

When you take private lessons from Selina, you set up the times for the trainings together.

They can vary from week to week. Completely according to your wishes. Selina can usually give private lessons after 15.00 until 22.00.

3. Own syllabus

Another advantage is that the belly dance lessons are tailored to your wishes.

This means that you learn exactly what you want. You can choose to focus on what you want.

On group courses, you need to practice at the pace of the group. But in private lessons, you can choose when you want to stop and move on.

Book private lessons on Selina’s website

Selina’s website is under construction. Contact Selina if you are missing information on the page or have difficulty booking your private lessons.

It is important to know


Address of Danssalen

Norra Skolgatan 10B, at the top (floor 4).


Cost of the dance hall

Cost for the dance hall will be added.

125:- / hour

Cancel lesson

Cancel class 48 hours before.


Late cancellation

Cancel class later than 48 hours before.

125:- / hour


The lessons are valid for 12 months from purchase.

12 months


The lessons cannot be transferred to anyone else.



A good foundation is incredibly important when you want to learn to dance belly dance.

Therefore, it is perfect to have a dance teacher who puts all the focus on you performing the dance movements correctly.

Getting answers to all questions from the beginning makes it much easier for you to develop.

Compete with belly dancing

For those who are going to compete in oriental dance, it is important to take private lessons.

Here you will get plenty of feedback to develop.

Selina has been a judge in several international championships and has trained many belly dancers for competitions.

Dance with a friend

Everything is more fun if you are two! Pepper each other. Work out together in your spare time.

Dancing with a friend is fun! You can take private lessons with a friend.

Selina has ready packages of lessons for you who want to dance together. If you take belly dancing lessons together, you get a discount.

Belly dance clothes

We usually train barefoot. Choose a pair of comfortable leggings or a skirt. The important thing is that Selina can see how your knees move. This you can pair with a comfortable top. You do not need to show the stomach, but it is good if Selina should be able to see specific movements with the stomach. Tie a shawl around your hips. It can be a regular shawl but best is if you have one for belly dancing.

If you want to buy workout clothes specially designed for belly dancing, they are available here: workout clothes for belly dancing. In our small shop you can also find hip scarves and dancing shoes.

If you are training for a performance or are going to compete, you are welcome to bring what you are going to perform in such as; belly dancing costume, your dance equipment and dance shoes. It is important to also train in the clothes you will be performing or competing in.

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